New Book! Families and Forgiveness

By Nicole Zasowski, LMFT

I am so excited to share the news that the book that I co-wrote with my mentor, Terry Hargrave, is here! Families and Forgiveness, Second Edition combines our personal stories, the latest research, and case studies to give the therapist a working knowledge of the importance of love and trustworthiness, skills to adequately assess hurt and pain in a family, and different techniques and conceptualizations to help family members move to make progress in restoring function to broken identities and senses of safety. In this book, Terry and I demonstrate that the work of forgiveness―in any form―is possible with every family member and improves the intergenerational health of the family. In this new edition, a reorganized structure efficiently brings the therapeutic focus on love and trustworthiness, and revised case studies and updated interventions provide mental health professionals with practical methods to treat troubled families.

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