The building that currently occupies the Center at 237 Taconic Rd was originally a Methodist Chapel.  In 1895 the building was purchased by members of Stanwich Church (which was located down the Road) to be used as an auxiliary neighborhood Community Center.

30 years later in 1923, Stanwich Church’s steeple was struck by lightning and sadly the church burned to the ground.  Stanwich relocated temporarily into the Community Center while they searched for a new church property.  They ended up staying at this location for another 83 years! Stanwich did find their new church home in 2006 and moved just up the road to 202 Taconic.

In 2007, Stanwich Church leadership acted on their desire to repurpose the old church building into a faith-friendly professional counseling and training center. The Greenwich Center for Hope & Renewal opened it’s door’s and established as a 501(c)(3) to provide Counseling and professional training to Fairfield & Westchester counties and beyond.

The GCHR is supported today by the generosity of individuals, foundations and local houses of worship, of which Stanwich Church continues to be a sustaining partner. The Center provides a private, retreat-like, country setting for our four key areas of service;  Counseling, Renewal Groups, Training and Supervision.