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June Newsletter

Who Am I? Building a Healthy Racial and Ethnic Identity Author, Julie Hall Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist A few years ago, my mom called me from our childhood home where she still resides and asked me to help her clean out and purge some of the old items and keepsakes that had [...]

June Newsletter2019-06-26T03:47:35-05:00

Treatment for Individuals and Families Dealing with Addiction

By Ginny Gray, LCSW A large part of my practice is working with clients and family members struggling with alcoholism, addiction, and the accompanying issues of mood disorders and trauma. For those who are struggling with these areas, please be aware that the tendency is to suffer in silence and in isolation.  This is where [...]

Treatment for Individuals and Families Dealing with Addiction2018-06-26T17:24:36-05:00

The Influence of Family Past on our Relationship Future

By Julie Hall, LMFT I’ll let you in on a secret.  One of the first arguments my husband and I had as a married couple was over…butter…yes, butter.   You see, he had grown up in a home where the butter’s rightful place was resting upon the kitchen counter while my mother had me put the [...]

The Influence of Family Past on our Relationship Future2018-06-26T17:25:32-05:00

Wielding Swords

By Steve Gilbert, LMFT “It’s been 20 years. Why does this still bother me?” For six years I have heard this question posed in different ways and had the privilege of witnessing the transformation and healing of lives in my office. Many of my clients have shared burdens from the past that they haven’t found [...]

Wielding Swords2018-06-26T17:26:22-05:00

Fairfield County Youth “At Risk?”

By Nancy Sadock, MA, LMFT I’ll never forget what my pediatrician said to me after the birth of my first child. I can still picture myself as an anxious, inexperienced mom firing a barrage of questions at him as he quietly examined all 6 pounds 13 ounces of her. I wanted to know how to [...]

Fairfield County Youth “At Risk?”2018-06-26T17:27:24-05:00

The Marriage I.C.U.

By Jill Woolworth, LMFT I work in an emergency room-- an ER for relationships. Couples come in emotionally bleeding and deeply injured, but their pain isn’t visible on the outside. Their spouse can’t see it either. They see and feel their own pain as larger than life and their partner as the enemy who caused [...]

The Marriage I.C.U.2015-10-08T12:48:34-05:00

Parenting 101: A Guide to Love

By Susan Gestal, LPC While parenting is one of the most difficult tasks any of us will ever face, putting down the basic framework for how to parent is much easier. The application of the basic principles is what turns a parent’s hair gray! Children need two things. That’s simple, isn’t it! Children need unconditional love and reasonable [...]

Parenting 101: A Guide to Love2017-10-11T02:59:34-05:00