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School is bad for our Closest Relationships

By Jill Woolworth, LMFT So are business, sports, the arts and every other arena in which we are taught to compete, excel and be cool under pressure.  Why?  Because we carry the skill set we learn there into our homes and it wreaks havoc in moments of stress.  How does this happen? From the [...]

School is bad for our Closest Relationships2017-10-11T02:59:34-05:00

The real “F” word is FEAR

By Jill Woolworth, LMFT Fear of rejection.  Not fear of death or spiders or heights. We understand those fears; they make sense. Fear of rejection is invisible.  It is the unseen engine that blows up relationships.   We were designed for loving, interdependent community.  Jesus prayed "that they all might be one as we are [...]

The real “F” word is FEAR2017-10-11T02:59:34-05:00

Helping Children Cope with Divorce: Returning to the Business of Being Children

By Virginia Gray, LCSW It is a well-known fact that approximately 50% of marriages end in divorce.  Over 1,000,000 children in the United States experience the dissolution of their parents’ marriage, marking the beginning of a series of life changes for these children and their parents. There are both short-term issues and quite possibly [...]

Helping Children Cope with Divorce: Returning to the Business of Being Children2017-10-11T02:59:34-05:00

How do you talk to your Kids about Trauma?

By George Faller, LMFT Trauma is an event where there is a threat to one’s self or others and evokes feelings of terror, helplessness, and loss.  It results in distrust, disorganization, and scrambled signals.  It is not the nature of the event, but the subjective experience that is key. What influences our experience of [...]

How do you talk to your Kids about Trauma?2017-10-11T02:59:34-05:00

On Parenting…Very Important : but Doesn’t Draw Crowds

By Susan Gestal, LPC Most of us are comfortable with our child expressing “positive” feelings such as happy, excited or thankful, but how do you feel when your child is expressing anger, fear or sadness? Ask yourself… in our home are some feelings more acceptable than others? Do you or someone you know give [...]

On Parenting…Very Important : but Doesn’t Draw Crowds2017-10-11T02:59:34-05:00

Anyone for Charred Apricots?

By Jill Woolworth, LMFT Yesterday, I watched an attractive middle-aged woman back her convertible out of a driveway. A car  zipped by on the main road and she had to brake suddenly. “@*$%!” she exclaimed angrily to no one  in particular. Her face looked contorted for a few seconds before she zoomed off. What message [...]

Anyone for Charred Apricots?2017-10-11T02:59:35-05:00
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