Parenting 101: A Guide to Love

By Susan Gestal, LPC While parenting is one of the most difficult tasks any of us will ever face, putting down the basic framework for how to parent is much easier. The application of the basic principles is what turns a parent’s hair gray! Children need two things. That’s simple, isn’t it! Children need unconditional love and reasonable [...]

Parenting 101: A Guide to Love2017-10-11T02:59:34-05:00

On Parenting…Very Important : but Doesn’t Draw Crowds

By Susan Gestal, LPC Most of us are comfortable with our child expressing “positive” feelings such as happy, excited or thankful, but how do you feel when your child is expressing anger, fear or sadness? Ask yourself… in our home are some feelings more acceptable than others? Do you or someone you know give [...]

On Parenting…Very Important : but Doesn’t Draw Crowds2017-10-11T02:59:34-05:00

Discipline in 300 Words

By Susan Gestal, LPC   Discipline, there’s a word that causes some of us to panic; it may even bring up negative memories or fear. Let me put a positive spin on discipline. Discipline provides loving responses and limits that allow our children the opportunity to grow and mature in a safe and [...]

Discipline in 300 Words2017-10-11T02:59:34-05:00