Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

    1. Open the appropriate set of forms below.

FAMILY COUNSELING:  If you are seeking family counseling, please have each family member over age 18 fill out an Adult Intake Form.  For Children and Adolescents under 18, Parents/Caregivers, please fill out BOTH the Child/Adolescent Intake Form and Consent Form.

COUPLES & INDIVIDUAL COUNSELING:   Adult individuals and couples will fill out one Adult Intake Form per person.

Download Form Here

Adolescent / Child Intake Form

Consent of Minor Form

2. Fax, mail, or hand deliver completed forms to:

Fax (203) 340-9815
237 Taconic Road
Greenwich, CT 06831

For inquiries only, email Cari.

To help ensure your privacy if you are faxing forms, please fax between the hours of 9:30am and 4:30p.m. Monday – Friday.  We also kindly request that you call to confirm they have been received at (203) 340-9816.  

3. We will contact you upon receipt of forms. 

If you have not yet chosen a counselor, we will recommend one and help you schedule your first meeting.