Reports to: Board of Directors
Open to both Part-time and Full-time candidates
Direct Reports: Therapists; Operations and Marketing & Development staff


  • Clergy or Lay Leader in his/her faith community

  • Training in or familiarity with faith-based counseling

    Scope of Duties Overall

1. Shared responsibility with staff and Therapists for leading the Center to a place of professional excellence, high reputation, therapeutic effectiveness, growing income, and financial sustainability.


  1. Recruit, equip, and encourage Therapists at GCHR. This includes ensuring all are motivated, effective and that professional credentials are up-to-date.

  2. Coordinate and liase with local and regional clergy, particularly with Stanwich Church, our Founding Congregation and Sustaining Partner, and other community leaders to assess needs for events, seminars, groups, and other opportunities for the Center.

  3. Optimize and enhance the Center’s impact in the community by leveraging and directing our staff and Therapists to provide programming and events which are high-quality and meet the needs of the region.


  1. Manage staff and Therapists to ensure all contributions are cost-effective and sufficiently impactful.

  2. Provide periodic reviews and professional development for Therapists and staff.

  3. Ultimate authority for all personnel decisions including staff and Therapists.


  1. Serve as the primary community relations officer for the Center, extending its influence throughout the community to favorably effect referrals and new client opportunities. Cultivate relationships with the religious, civic, press, non-profit, and healthcare communities. The ED serves as a coordinator between clergy needs and the Therapists’ expertise.

  2. Actively develop friendships with influential and well-resourced people in the community and region to build a robust network of loyal supporters.

  3. Review and make recommendations to the annual fundraising plan developed by the Marketing & Development staff in coordination with the Board of Directors.


11. Support the Operations staff with upkeep, maintenance and enhancements to the physical

and intellectual property of the Center.

12. As part of occupying Stanwich Church property, present Annual Report for endorsement by Stanwich Church’s Elder Board.


13. Assist Operations staff in preparation of a balanced annual budget for the approval of the Board Treasurer and President and for ultimate approval by the full Board of Directors.


14. Prepare annual strategic goals for the approval of the Board of Directors.


15. Cultivate a relationship with Board members, seeking their wisdom (but not operational direction) and meet regularly with the Board President to ensure strong alignment.

Executive Director Application and Inquiries

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