Our History

Founded in 2007, the Greenwich Center for Hope & Renewal resides in a historic church building located at 237 Taconic Road in Greenwich, CT.


Constructed as a Methodist Chapel to serve the rural congregants in the backcountry of Greenwich, Connecticut.


The building, no longer in use by the Methodist Church, was unoccupied when three members of Stanwich Church (located 1/2 mile down the road) purchased the building and donated it back to Stanwich to be used as a neighborhood community center. 


Stanwich Church steeple is struck by lightning causing the church to burn to the ground. Stanwich relocated temporarily into this Community Center while they searched for a new church property.  They stayed at this location for another 83 years!

It was renovated several times over the decades, including the addition of a steeple in 1927, an adjacent parsonage in 1939, a second floor for the kitchen, vestry and Upper Room in 1960, and the renovation of the horse shed into Sunday School classrooms in 1964. The building could not be expanded further, and adjacent land could not be purchased due to state restrictions on watershed areas.  For several years, members of the congregation searched the roads surrounding Stanwich for property large enough to build a new church, but nothing was available. 


Stanwich Church vacates the building and relocates to their newly constructed church campus located down the road at 202 Taconic Road.


In 2007, Stanwich Church leadership acted on their desire to repurpose the old church building into a faith-friendly professional counseling and training center. The Greenwich Center for Hope & Renewal opened it’s door’s and established as a 501(c)(3) to provide counseling and professional training


Our team of licensed therapists provide individual, couple and family counseling and professional training on-site and through teletherapy. We are supported by the generosity of individuals, foundations and local houses of worship, of which Stanwich Church continues to be a sustaining partner. The Center provides a private, retreat-like, country setting for our four key areas of service:  Counseling, Renewal Groups, Educational Seminars, Professional Training & Supervision.

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