Re-opening Guidelines

As of April 1, 2021, the GCHR has re-opened its building for in-person therapy.

All of our staff and therapists have been vaccinated.

Due to the pandemic still occurring, we are instituting the following policies and protocol for our staff, therapists, client and any visitors to the Center.

Clients are asked to please review and follow the guidelines and sign the Screening Questionnaire and Liability Waiver prior to seeing your Therapist if returning to an in-person session.

Re-Opening Policy

  1. All non-staff (clients, visitors, etc.) must wear masks and practice social distancing when in the main building. This includes when going to the restroom. 
  1. The waiting room will remain closed until further notice.
  1. Therapists and Clients may elect to continue Telehealth sessions per their discretion. 
  1. The Center will be cleaned before reopening and cleaned regularly after reopening. 
  1. Therapists are encouraged to continue to clean their individual spaces. Even though therapists are vaccinated, clients may not be. 
  1. No client may enter the Center without completing a SCREENING QUESTIONNAIRE and signing the LIABILITY WAIVER on the same day as the appointment.
  1. No client may enter the Center without having his/her temperature taken. Anyone reporting a temperature above 100.4F cannot be allowed in. 
  1. Anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 is to inform his/her therapist (if a client) or the Executive Director (if staff or therapist) and follow state testing and contact tracing protocols.

COVID-19 DISCLAIMER: Given that circumstances surrounding the pandemic continue to change, the material set forth in this document represents the best interpretation of government guidelines as of the date listed. This document may be amended or altered in the future depending on the ongoing evolution of the situation and any future governmental guidance that may result. 

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