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Written and performed by Jocelyn S. (Jill) Woolworth.

In this video Jill Woolworth, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, offers viewers an opportunity to look deeper at the lies about ourselves that we all too often believe about our performance, our bodies, our identity, our voice, our sexuality and our religion. This creative and unique one-woman-show is designed to set women free from the bonds that hold them hostage to shame and fear.

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  • Struggle with your self-worth as a woman

  • Wonder if others “hear” the same confusing messages

  • For any woman in your life you want to share this message with

  • Want to be both enlightened and strangely comforted about why it is hard to be a woman

This performance is appropriate for high school age viewers and older, and for both secular and faith based audiences. It is ideal for personal or small group use.

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Download video link for Dr. Divorcia on Women.

About the Author:


Jill is an Emotionally Focused Educated Therapist and a member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapists. Her gift is using creative imagery to help clients get “unstuck.”

Dr. Divorcia is not a for-profit venture. Your $20 will defray the cost of this production and future Dr. Divorcia productions.

Jill can be reached at doctordivorcia@gmail.com. For those wishing to show this video to small groups there are additional suggested questions to accompany each “chapter” of the video. Please email the aforementioned address to have them sent directly to you.