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Individual, Couples & Family Therapy

Our team of therapists are equipped to provide guidance and support in pursuit of healing and growth for individuals, couples, and families. We offer both in person and Telehealth sessions.

For engaged couples we offer the PREPARE/ENRICH pre-marital assessment. This is a four session program that is led by one of our therapists.

Support Groups

Support Groups are small groups that meet weekly  around a specific issue or topic, led by a therapist to provide guidance and mutual support among participants. These groups meet in-person or virtually.

Educational Seminars & Workshops

Therapists are available to teach and facilitate off-site seminars on mental health related topics. Seminar examples include: Parenting, Trauma, Teen Sex, Drugs & Alcohol, Managing Grief and Loss, and Understanding Emotional Intelligence

Professional Training for Therapists

The Center offers training in EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) for therapy professionals. These trainings are led by George Faller, an internationally recognized EFT Supervisor and Trainer, and meet either in person or online.

Emotionally Focused Therapy is a therapeutic approach that helps couples identify the underlying emotions, and attachment styles that influence their relationship. The EFT approach was developed in the 1980s and continues to be one of the most effective, evidence-based, therapy models used today to improve relationships.

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