Skylar Jayes

Skylar Jayes


Skylar provides individual and group therapy as a school social worker for Stamford Public Schools. From a bio-psychosocial perspective, she has assisted children, teenagers, and their caregivers navigate trying relationships, behavioral concerns, and mental health crises.

Her experience in public education as well as a teacher’s assistant at Eagle Hill School has made Skylar passionate about working with parents to understand their child’s complex needs. She feels that it is essential that parents are equipped with the proper toolset to in turn foster a thriving relationship with their child. She has experience working with caregivers to recognize how their own story greatly impacts how they navigate parenting.

Similarly, Skylar’s field experience allowed her the opportunity to work at Center Lane, the only LGBTQ+ youth center in Westchester county. Skylar recognizes the vulnerability clients experience when walking into a therapeutic environment. Therefore, she feels that it is vital to form a therapeutic relationship to create positive change.

Skylar holds a master’s degree in social work from New York University. She also received a bachelor’s degree in psychology and religious studies from Southern Methodist University. Skylar has training in cognitive behavioral therapy.

In addition to social work experience, Skylar has expertise in youth ministry and currently serves on the Area Sponsoring Committee for FOCUS in Fairfield/Westchester. She was born and raised in Greenwich, CT and feels passionate about serving her community.

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